Vesta Color's Solvents & Additives
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Vesta Color's Solvents & Additives

Different additives are required for every professional painting, and Vesta color offers you an excellent and varied selection of these additives.

ArtDayME : Every medium and additive offered by Vesta has special qualities of its own. Dryers, for instance, come in a variety of sorts and effects that are best learnt from experience.

Vesta Color Company strives to provide you more options when it comes to the mediums and additives you can use with a variety of goods, as this element offers fresh, entertaining experiences when making artwork.

Vesta Color's Solvents & Additives

Sampling colors with various additions and mediums is sufficient. In that case, you probably will be thrilled.

We can discuss oil additives and mediums from Vesta Company, which comprise the following eight items:

1. White Spirit

It is a white liquid that is excellent as a thinning solvent, as well as a solvent for glossy and semi-gloss varnish, paint, and oil. It is also a highly effective brush cleaning. 

Vesta White Spirit

You may be sure that it won't fade colors and varnishes because it dries more slowly than turpentine.

2. Linseed Oil

It is a pale yellow oily liquid derived from linseeds, and its primary purpose is to dilute paint and oil.

Vesta Linseed Oil

Another key function of this product is to generate adhesion owing to proximity to air, which allows the colors to dry faster, and the effects and strokes of the pen, which are critical in painting, remain in the color layers, retaining the texture of the work.

3. Turpentine

It is a colorless essence with a distinct odor, and it, along with linseed oil, is one of the most popular materials in oil painting.

Vesta Turpentine

The work of this medium is to accelerate the drying process of paint and oil, while maintaining the gloss of the colors, and if used with linseed oil, it increases the thickness of the paint. This product produces a new impression on the painting because to its faster drying time, which you should experiment with.

4. Siccative

Siccative, a colorless liquid made by boiling metal salts in linseed oil, speeds up the drying process of both paint and oil while maintaining the solidity and simplicity of the colors. Although turpentine smells quite nice in a painting studio, some artists prefer to use siccative in their work because it is less unpleasant than turpentine.

5. Dryer

This purple liquid is meant to expedite the drying of the lower layers (oil and paint), or what is referred to as under work.

Vesta Dryer

The pen's textures and strokes are retained, and the colors' transparency is maintained despite the dryer's extremely fast operation.

6. Oil Painting's Glass Varnish

This is a thin, pale yellow liquid that is painted onto the canvas once the artwork is complete. The artwork seems more colorful with this product, and it is naturally covered in a protective coating.

Vesta Oil Painting's Glass Varnish

Vesta gloss varnish protects artwork from stains, fractures, fading, and deterioration over time, which is one of its benefits. Thanks to its great flexibility, this varnish is highly favored by painters.

7. Oil painting's medium

To add more intricacies and complexities to the way the work is done, this yellowish liquid is blended with paint and oil. The color layers in this medium get extremely thin, yet at the same time, the colors become more stable against outside influences.

8. Liquin

This cream-hued liquid speeds up the drying process of colored layers by up to three times when combined with paint and oil.

Vesta Liquin

The glossiness of this product helps to preserve the color quality. It can also be used in enclosed spaces and has a very mild scent. Liquin is a tool used by artists, particularly when they are pressed for time.


- Large oil solvent in three sizes, 40ml, 125ml and 1000ml

- Gloss Varnish, Medium, Turpentine, White Spirit, Siccative, Dryer, Arabic Gum, Liquin, DM5 in two sizes 40ml and 125ml.

Vesta Color's long shelf life includes 353 separate items, including solvents, additives, oil paints, acrylics, gouache, ecoline, and vitrail, among many other categories.