3 Exhibitions at Alserkal Avenue / Carbon12,Green Art Gallery and Ayyam Gallery
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3 Exhibitions at Alserkal Avenue / Carbon12,Green Art Gallery and Ayyam Gallery

Don’t miss 18th September, 3 exhibitions are going to open at Alserkal Avenue.

ArtDayME: Carbon12, Green Art Gallery and Ayyam Gallery will reveal their new exhibitions. 

Carbon12 gallery has Duo Exhibition. Artworks of Olaf Breuning & Edgar Orlaineta are showing at carbon12 gallery. Embracing the essence of naturalism and developed material languages, the works of both artists weave a captivating narrative of hybridity and environmental consciousness. Breuning's woodcut paintings serve as poignant reminders of the delicate balance between the beauty of nature and the harsh realities of human-induced climate change, while Orlaineta's sculptural forms, molded through biomorphic shapes and post-war design, invite introspection on the meditative process of handmade creations.


Yours or Mine? Will be ready to see. Carbon12 is located at unit 37, Alserkal Avenue, street 8. 

Green Art Gallery is hosting group exhibition of Hangama Amiri, Can Dayrit, Melissa Joseph, Lebohang Kganye, Jagdeep Raina and Raed Yassin on 18 September. “Memory is the Seamstress", a group exhibition curated by Murtaza Vali. "Memory is the seamstress, and a capricious one at that.

Memory runs her needle in and out, up and down, hither and thither. We know not what comes next, or what follows after."

Showcasing the diversity within textile arts, this exhibition brings together artists using a variety of techniques-from applique and felting to hand and machine embroidery, each approach bringing not just different material but also imagistic possibilities-to translate the photographic into fabric work. Mixing the personal with the political, it juxtaposes artists who draw on the family photo album to unpack experiences of displacement and loss, with those who excavate personal and collective archives to interrogate colonial and postcolonial histories of violence and oppression.


Green Art Gallery is located Street 8, Alserkal Avenue, Unit 28. 

Ayyam gallery Dubai will hold solo exhibition of Abdalla Al Omari. 

"Unsuspecting State" is the name of this exhibition that opens on 18 September. 

Artworks of Abdalla Al Omari is showing Natural behaviors and Routines with new painting look. 

"Al Omari leaves the viewer questioning, what the character is doing, and who it could be. Is it an auto-portrait or people in his life? The paradoxical ambiguity, incompleteness, and uncertainty invite the viewer to delve into the image. A sense of voyeurism, where the headless character is viewed without consent, not as a fetish but as an unexplainable urge to observe."


Ayyam gallery is located at Alserkal Avenue.