Unveiling of Fereydoun Ave collection at Jameel Arts Centre | Video
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Unveiling of Fereydoun Ave collection at Jameel Arts Centre | Video

"Some seasons: Fereydoun Ave and the La'al Collection" exhibition featuring Fereydoun Ave, Antonia Carver, director of Jameel Arts Centre, and art enthusiasts were unveiled at Jameel Arts Centre.

ArtDayME: Jameel Arts Centre showed a selection of La'al Fereydoun Ave collection, curated by Negar Azimi and Sohrab Mohebi, on Wednesday evening, September 27.

Azimi and Mohebi chose a selection from the La'al collection to be presented at the 58th Carnegie International in Pittsburgh, which was first shown there, and now the same selection, which includes the works of 36 Iranian and one Greek artists, is presented in Dubai. The interesting thing is that this exhibition will continue for seven months, until March 23, 2024.

This show is dedicated to the artistic taste and vision of Fereydon Ave in the field of art collection, which started with a great reception from the people and after a one-hour meeting.

In addition to Mr. Ave, the curators and Ms. Antonia Carver, director of Jameel Arts Centre, spoke at the ceremony.

Works by Ali Golastaneh, Amirhossein Esmaili, Arash Hanaei, Ardeshir Mohasses, Ashurbanipal Babilla, Behjat Sadr, Bijan Saffari, Bita Fayyazi, Cy Twombly, Davood Emdadian, Farhad Moshiri, Haydeh Ayazi, Hossein-Ali Zabehi, Houman Mortazavi, Iman Raad, Khosrow Hasanzadeh, Leyly Matine-Daftary, Mamali Shafahi, Manouchehr Yektai, Monir Sharoudy Farmanfarmaian, Michaelis Makroulakis, Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam, Mostafa Sarabi, Nazgol Ansarinia, Nikzad Nodjoumi, Parvaneh Etemadi, Raana Farnoud, Ramin Haerizadeh, Reza Shafahi, Rokni Haerizadeh, Sadra Baniasadi. , Shahab Fotouhi, Shideh Tami, Shirin Aliabadi, Sirak Melkonian, Yaghoub Amaemehpich and Yashar Samimi Mofakham are presented in this exhibition

La'al is the name of Mr. Ave's personal collection, where a number of works of visual art of four generations of Iran are kept.

Born in Tehran in 1945, Fereydoun Ave has played a significant role in shaping Iranian contemporary art. His academic background includes a BA in Applied Arts for Theatre from Arizona State University in 1964, Film studies at New York University in 1969, and a stint at the University of Seven Seas (also known as Semester at Sea) in 1964. 

His artwork has been inspired by Iranian art, which employs the entire canvas surface, and Western minimalism, which leaves vast portions unoccupied. Ave's collaborative projects with artists, galleries, and institutions are an integral part of his practice, reflecting his role as a curator, collector, and gallerist.

Ave's artwork has been highlighted in numerous solo exhibitions and hundreds of group shows hosted by galleries and museums across the globe. 

Fereydoun Ave decided to Continuous cooperation with Courtyard Collection in owners of the Total Art Gallery, Dariush Zandi and Shaqayeq Arabi in recent years. That friendship and companionship led to the creation of fascinating artistic events, and their collaboration continues.

His works have been acquired by several reputable art institutions, including the British Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Cy Twombly Foundation, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, and Carnegie Museum, among others.