Qatar Foundation unveils “Artful Minds” exhibition
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Qatar Foundation unveils “Artful Minds” exhibition

Thirty one artists from diverse backgrounds have participated in the Artful Minds exhibition.

ArtDayme: Qatar Foundation has launched “Artful Minds”, an exhibition in partnership with the International Artists Doha (IAD), celebrating the intersection of art, health, and wellness.

The exhibition, taking place from 10 – 30 October, at Multaqa Gallery, Multaqa (Education City Student Center), is open to the public where they can explore the transformative power of art practices as a powerful tool for self-expression and healing.

Thirty one artists from diverse backgrounds have participated in the Artful Minds exhibition which sheds light on the importance of mental health and encourages audiences to break the stigma surrounding mental health, and encourages open conversations about all-round wellbeing.

“Art has an exceptional ability to heal and empower us as it provides a unique tool of self-expression. The Artful Minds exhibition embodies this concept,” Ameera Al-Aji, Community Art Lead at Qatar Foundation (QF), said.

Ameera Al-Aji

Ameera Al-Aji

“We are excited to collaborate with IAD to build an immersive experience that fosters dialogue around mental health and the power of art.”

“A diverse group of 31 artists are participating in the exhibition, including artists specializing in medicine and engineering. This diversity enables us to adapt their artistic styles to capture the nuances of mental health. Their artistic works range from abstract expressionism to pure realism reflecting the challenges individuals face, including mental challenges.”


Al-Aji stressed on the importance of having more conversations about mental health. “The more we talk about mental health, the more we raise the level of awareness about it,” she said. “At QF, we aim to discuss and motivate community members to break the stigma surrounding mental health by organizing workshops that are open to the public during Artful Minds.”

Hala Aljaafari, a Syrian visual artist, and an interior designer based in Qatar, is participating in the exhibition to help raise awareness on mental health. “In our society, mental health remains a non-negotiable topic, and through my artwork, I wanted to contribute to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.”


Aljaafari’s artwork – an oil painting titled “Breaking Bread” – emphasizes the importance of social connections in the lives of individuals who face mental health challenges. “Social interactions play a pivotal role in enhancing or deteriorating mental health for the individual,” she said.


As part of the Artful Minds exhibition, QF invites community members to join the public workshop on 13 October, from 4-6pm, which will be held at Multaqa Gallery, Multaqa (Education City Student Center) to enjoy a day of creativity, self-expression, and healing.

In addition to the public workshop on 13 October, and highlighting its commitment to accessibility and inclusion, QF is also hosting a workshop with QF’s Ability Friendly to explore the world of neurodiversity through creative expression and puppetry with aim of fostering social-emotional growth and empathy. A workshop with Qatar Social and Cultural Center for Blind will also be hosted that will aid expression and support self-accomplishment through the exploration of clay and touch.

Registration for the public workshop at the Artful Minds exhibition taking place on Friday, 13 October, can be done by emailing