About Sadegh Tabrizi's 55 thousand dollars artwork
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About Sadegh Tabrizi's 55 thousand dollars artwork

Sadegh Tabrizi is one of the famous painters of Iran. His artwork sold in Tehran auction $ 55000 in July 2023 .

ArtDayMeThis artwork has consistent composition . Correlation is more important to Tabrizi’s work. Black and white horses next to miniature riders and same orange dress with different sleeves all showing the attention of the artist. Tabrizi as pioneer of Iranian modern art uses miniature motifs next to calligraphy , architectural elements, metal work, talismanic shirts, coffee house murals, Persian miniatures and Qajar painting,put together every thing in his canvas. He gives a border for each icons of his painting. He is like a gilding artist pay attention to details.

Sadegh tabrizi

This artwork includes calligraphy around the human head caused away from the natural environment and getting close to neo-traditional Saqqakhaneh movement. He used golden color and Persian blue next to orange ,red,black and white . 

Tabrizi’s work exemplifies the neo-approach that the movement became known for. Experimenting with a diverse array of media including parchment and mirror mosaic, the artist was also known for his large public commissions.

 The work of Sadegh Tabrizi’s has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Iran and internationally and the artist’s works are held in the collections of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran; Grey Art Gallery, New York and Henan Museum, Zhengzhou.