A selection of Dalloul collection sold for more than 3 million pounds at Christie's auction
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A selection of Dalloul collection sold for more than 3 million pounds at Christie's auction

Marhala: Highlights from the Dalloul Collection sold for £3,064,320 at Christie's London.

ArtDayME: Sajjad Malmir: Christie's London yesterday auctioned 48 selected works from the Dalloul Collection, including precious works by the superstars of Arab art, and the total sale of these works reached an impressive record of £3,064,320. Only two of the 48 works presented in this auction were not sold.

In this auction, a work by Mahmoud Saïd called Fille à l'imprimé (Girl in a printed dress), which was estimated between £350,000 and £550,000, was sold for £567,000 and became the most expensive auction work.


A painting by Samia Halaby called Return sold for £233,000, making it the second most expensive work at auction. This painting was auctioned with an estimated price of 70,000 to 100,000 pounds.


The painting La Lecture (The Reading) by Paul Guiragossian also took the title of the third most expensive painting of the Dalloul Collection with the sale of £151,200.


The painting Marionette by Marwan and another painting by Samia Halaby called Green and Earth were sold for £107,000 and took the fourth place of the most expensive works of this auction.



An Untitled painting by Kadhim Haydar and Untitled (abstract series) by Ramses Younan sold for £100,800.


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An Untitled painting by Mohamed Melehi, Untitled (Dance near the Pyramids) by Hamed Nada and Summeria Face by Dia Al Azzawi sold for £94,500 and shared eighth place.

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Other works sold in this auction are:

Jilali Gharbaoui - Composition (£88,200)

Helen Khal - Untitled (£69,300)

Ahmed Cherkaoui - Claire de Lune (Moonlight) (£69,300)

Ayman Baalbaki - Untitled (£63,000)

Dia Al Azzawi - Architectural Composition (£63,000)

Marwan - Head turned left (56700 pounds)

Inji Efflatoun - Banana Tree (£56,700)

Shafic Abboud - Burst into the Night (£52,920)

Yvette Achkar - Quick sands (£50,400)

Etel Adnan - Al-Tayyeb Salih, Daw al-Bayt (£50,400)

Hafidh al-Droubi - Cock fight (£50,400)

Kamal Boullata - Nocturne II (£47,880)

Shaker Hassan Al Said - Untitled (£47,880)

Faeq Hassan - The Fishermen (£47,880)

Fateh Moudarres - L'adieu de la bête (47880)

Ibrahim El-Salahi - Palm Tree (£44,100)

Ahmed Mater - Human Highway (£37,800)

Serwan Baran - Dog of the General (£37,800)

Farid Belkahia - Invisible Force (£37,800)

Mohammed Kacimi - Untitled (£37,800)

Ahmed Mater - Mina (£35,280)

Asim Abu Shakra - Garters (£35,280)

Mohammad Naghi - Grilling Lamb in Cyprus (£30,240)

Chaïbia Talal - Aïcha (£30,240)

Mahjoub Ben Bella - Kalyste (£30,240)

Abd al-Hadi El-Gazzar - Untitled (£27,720)

Sliman Mansour - Uncertain Landscape 1 (£25,200)

Dia Al Azzawi - Bird's Watcher (£23,940)

Samir Rafi - My darling and I (£22,680)

Laila Shawa - Summer Dreams (£20,160)

Juliana Seraphim - Untitled (£20,160)

Nasser Chaura - Untitled (£12,600)

Adam Henein - The Holy Spirit (£11,970)

Jamil Moaleb - The Vertical Sea (£11,970)

Mohammed Ghani Hikmat - Moving Gracefully (£1080)

Hazem Harb - Archeology of Occupation (£8820)

Works by Bibi Zogbé and Chaouki Choukini were not sold in this auction.