"Imagine Picasso" exhibition has arrived in Riyadh
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"Imagine Picasso" exhibition has arrived in Riyadh

Ministry of Culture’s Visual Arts Commission hosts 'Imagine Picasso' in Saudi Arabia.

ArtDayME: Attention art enthusiasts. The Imagine Picasso exhibition has arrived in Riyadh.

The immersive exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s abstract art is has come to saudi for the first time and you can bag Imagine Picasso tickets now.

You’ll see the famous Spanish artist’s work like never before at the interactive.

The exhibition launched on Saturday February 3 in Laysen Valley.

What is Imagine Picasso?

Imagine Picasso Exhibition: Picasso ArtPicasso actually pioneered the projection of his work, setting up the first digital exhibition of his art. (Credit: Instagram @imagine.picasso)

Imagine Picasso is a digital immersive exhibition showcasing Pablo Picasso’s best works on several origami-shaped modules scattered around an indoor space. These unusual canvasses pay tribute to Picasso’s cubic works of art.

Who is Pablo Picasso you might ask? Well, only one of the most famous abstract artists of modern times. For over 80 years, the artist devoted his entire career to developing modern art and he invented the Cubism movement in the process.

In the Imagine Picasso art exhibition, more than 200 of his most renowned masterpieces of modern art are projected in a 360-degree view.

The paintings projected in this experience come from many museum collections from museums like the Musée Picasso in Paris, the MoMa in New York and many private collections. This is a grand collection you can never see physically at the same place and time except at this exhibition.

Already having debuted in many other cities around the world like Zürich, this is the exhibition’s first time in the Kingdom.

Imagine Picasso Art ExhibitionThe immersive exhibition contains all of Picasso’s great work projected in digital form. (Credit: Imagine Picasso)

Imagine Picasso date and times

The exhibition started on Saturday February 3 and will run until Sunday March 3. Imagine Picasso Riyadh is open daily from 2pm to midnight.