Oman Across Ages Museum one of world's most beautiful museums
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Oman Across Ages Museum one of world's most beautiful museums

Oman Across Ages Museum (OAAM) found place in the World’s Most Beautiful Museums List for 2024 by the Prix Versailles, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year

ArtDayME: Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Prix Versailles highlights museums that exemplify creativity, heritage reflection, and ecological efficiency.

The Oman Across Ages Museum (OAAM) joins an elite list of seven newly opened or reopened museums worldwide, recognized for their extraordinary impact on their environments. These museums are celebrated for seamlessly integrating local heritage with modern design and ecological considerations.

The selected museums, including the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza and the Polish History Museum in Warsaw, will compete for three coveted 2024 World Titles: Prix Versailles, Interior, and Exterior, with the winners to be announced at UNESCO Headquarters in late November.

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Jérôme Gouadain, Secretary General of the Prix Versailles, emphasized the growing significance of museum architecture in promoting intercultural dialogue and immersive experiences. He said that creating the World’s Most Beautiful Museums List emphasizes the importance of wonder, and he also noted that museums contribute to the goals of intelligent sustainable development.

World's most beautiful museums list 2024

A4 Art Museum - Chengdu, China

Grand Egyptian Museum - Giza, Egypt

Smritivan Earthquake Museum - Bhuj, India

Simose Art Museum - Hiroshima, Japan

Paleis Het Loo - Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Oman Across Ages Museum - Manah, Oman

Polish History Museum - Warsaw, Poland