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  • Iranian artist Leila Eskandari transports viewers into a realm where myth and reality intertwine seamlessly in her latest exhibition, "Whispers of Legends," currently on display at Zawyeh Gallery in Dubai's Alserkal Avenue until July 28, 2024.

  • Fereydoun Ave, a luminary in Iranian contemporary art, continues to captivate audiences with his latest exhibition, "For Nowruz" and "Large Works on Canvas," currently on display at Dastan's Basement and +2 in Tehran, Iran.

  • Experts from Tehran Auction have valued the artwork, which was made in 2011 using the acrylic technique on canvas and measures 150 by 150 centimeters. It will be auctioned on January 26, 2024, at the Parsian Azadi Hotel, for 600 to 800 million Tomans, or approximately 11 to 15 thousand dollars.

  • Aria Galley is in G29 booth with Iranian masterpieces of art at Abu Dhabi Art 2023 . Aria Galley has presented masterpieces of modernist Iranian artists like Monir Farmanfarmaian ,Manouchehr Yektai ,Hossein Kazemi ,Behjat Sadr ,Iran Darroudi ,Leyly Matin-Daftary ,Jaafar Rouhbakhsh,Massoud Arabshahi ,Jazeh Tabatabai ,Bahman Mohassess ,Farideh Lashai ,Hossein Mahjoubi,Nicky Nodjoumi . Aria Galley launched by Aria Eghbal in 1992 . Aria Galley's primary focus has been on painting and…

  • The famous Middle Eastern calligrapher and painter Ali Shirazi has a very peculiar green piece of art that is reminiscent of a poem by the illustrious Iranian physician and philosopher Avicenna. The backstory of his work is fascinating.

  • Three elements are usually present in Ali Shirazi's calligraphies: elegant huge dimensions, creative composition, and proper letter writing.

  • Ali Shirazi, a renowned calligrapher in the Middle East, created the calligraphic piece "بسم اللّٰه الرحمن الرحيم" or "Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem" (In English: "In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful"). The exceptional calligraphy and the artist's remarkable ability to write continuously are what set this particular work of art apart.

  • It is uncommon for a Middle Eastern artist to exhibit seven works in various auctions over the course of seven months with 100% of his works selling, but Sadegh Tabrizi, an Iranian artist and one of the pioneers of Middle Eastern art, has accomplished this in recent months.