Hamidreza Shafiei: Investing in Art Exceeds Buying Gold or Real Estate
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Hamidreza Shafiei: Investing in Art Exceeds Buying Gold or Real Estate

Over the last two decades, art investment has gained significance in the portfolios of high-profile investors and holdings; some have opted to invest in art rather than gold and real estate, which are subject to various tax limits.

ArtDayME : Vesta Color manager Hamidreza Shafiei stated: "Selling art is significant and necessary for artists in terms of financial, living, and spiritual well-being." I made this argument in an April essay titled "Cultural Significance of Art Sales." It goes without saying that there are several lucrative chances for investors in the art industry, which has emerged as the most visible and appealing sector of the world economy. The number of people who prioritize the purchase of artwork is increasing on a daily basis as the benefits of doing so become more evident.

Shafiei reminisced: In 2008, the world's financial markets and banks were in a state of disarray as the global gold price plummeted and the financial crisis peaked. They had to decide what to do with their money to avoid more drops and what steps to take to ensure that the market, which had always been stable, did not have an arrow pointing downwards. Back then, the art market was the center of attention more than ever.

He clarified: This market is growing with time, as indicated by the artworks' unique and uncommon nature, as well as the limited supply and consistent demand. Throughout history, the price of art has continuously risen, regardless of how rapidly or slowly it expanded. Because of the art industry's numerous complexities, the capital world's elites concentrate their efforts on this topic in order to protect and enhance their fortune.

According to Hamidreza Shafiei, the art market took on a new face and even exhibited its economic powers in the internet world during the dark era of Corona and the pandemic, which compelled the world to stop and retreat.

Hamidreza Shafiei

As he pointed out, there are a lot of risks associated with investing in real estate, including annual taxes and the age of the building. As a result, during the last two decades, owning art has taken center stage in the portfolios of investment holdings and famous individuals.

Finally, Vesta Color's manager stated: This is encouraging news, and I hope that more money will be provided to the arts so that artists can focus on their work and contribute to the beauty of the world.