Abrar S. Sultan exhibits two artworks at Rome art fair
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Abrar S. Sultan exhibits two artworks at Rome art fair

Saudi artist, Abrar S. Sultan with her paintings ‘the clown Who Knows It All’ and ‘My Genie’ at the Rome International Art Fair.

Artdayme: According to Arab News, Abrar S. Sultan is the only Saudi artist participating at the Rome International Art Fair 2023 with two contemporary artworks.

The fair, which began on July 14 and will end on July 27, provides artists and exhibitors with the opportunity to present their works to an international audience of professionals, such as curators, gallerists, collectors, editors and publishers.

Sultan’s first artwork, “The Clown Who Knows It All,” is “a beautiful artistic experience … where the artist felt the love that the world needs.”

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Her second artwork, “My Genie,” is about self-empowerment. “What if we were given the opportunity to be our own magical genie and the ability to achieve all our dreams without limits, without restrictions?”

Sultan, who is a clinical pharmacy graduate, has passion for different art forms including painting, playing violin and writing.

“I always had a radical connection with beauty and art with a strong will to express my thoughts and my views of the world,” she told Arab News.

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“I see the world through a distinguished point of view that focuses on looking on the positive side and embraces the beauty of vulnerability,” she said.

The artist, who received strong positive feedback on the opening day, was overwhelmed with gratitude for having the opportunity to present her work in Rome — a rich historical city that has housed many well-known artists.

Talking about her participation at the fair, Sultan said: “And for me it raised the challenge of proving that Saudi artists will always thrive and get the right recognition in any place in the world.”


Sultan has participated in exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, Russia and Italy “with the ambition to become a world-known brand in fine art that has dimensions … and many stories to tell in a way that unfold the mysterious part of our deepest feelings and emotions open to be rediscovered with elegance.”