Maturity: Key Word of Abu Dhabi Art Fair | 15% Growth
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Maturity: Key Word of Abu Dhabi Art Fair | 15% Growth

The 15th edition of Abu Dhabi Art Fair, a strategic art event that is rapidly maturing, will take held at Minarat Al Saadiyat from November 22–26, 2023.

ArtDayME: Mahmood Nouraie:The smart approach of investing in the art world to present the cultural side of the UAE over the past ten years is now beginning to bear fruit. Unquestionably, Abu Dhabi Art Fair represents the country's aesthetic viewpoint as one of the three sides of the artistic spectrum in the UAE, alongside the Sharjah Biennial and Art Dubai.

Given that the city is home to significant art projects and museums like the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the soon-to-be-opened Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, if Art Dubai is the definition of pop life in this country, the Abu Dhabi Art Fair represents the position of a strategic view in the art of the Middle East.

With 92 galleries from 31 countries and the addition of 37 new galleries, Abu Dhabi Art Fair, the largest art event in the city, has been able to provide significant artistic participation after several years of the Corona pandemic, demonstrating maturity that the artistic event is proud of.

Abu Dhabi Art Fair

It is admirable that the Abu Dhabi Art Fair is making a concerted effort to build an art ecosystem that has a genuine influence on the global art scene by bringing galleries from South America to the Far East together in one location.

While opening doors for artists from the Arab and Muslim worlds, the event is also expanding the global conversation about art. As a result, it deserves to be regarded as one of the most important and cutting-edge art exhibitions ever presented.

This demonstrates how Abu Dhabi has been successful in distinguishing itself from market-driven Dubai and established Sharjah in the art world.

Art Fair | Abu Dhabi ArtWith its largest art event, Abu Dhabi, which not so long ago had an aspiration of promoting, safeguarding, and expanding the Emirate's reputation as a global centre of culture, today embodies this ideal.

With its 15% growth, the art fair, which had roughly 80 galleries from 28 countries participate in its biggest and most diversified period last year, promises its maturity era and successfully demonstrates its goals from the previous year, which were the achievement of a global discourse and experimental concepts.

On the eve of the 15th edition of the artistic event, supporting the growth of Abu Dhabi's creative industries and artistic talent around the area, as well as creating opportunities to discover modern cultural methods, are additional things that might be properly regarded.

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The UAE's ambitious drive to highlight the cultural vitality of the region and support a robust cultural economy has been led over the course of Abu Dhabi Art Fair's fifteen-year history. The capital city's cultural landscape is currently undergoing a substantial transformation. This is a nation that wants its artistic and cultural identity to develop further to represent and highlight the region's cultural dynamism.

The UAE, which has been making significant investments in the cultural and creative industries, seeks to foster a cultural ecosystem and acceptance of culture as a lived experience in its capital as well as to expand it as a public good to encourage the variety of cultural manifestations and reach sustainable goals across the country as a whole.

Art Fair and Programmes in Abu Dhabi, UAE | Abu Dhabi Art

Without a doubt, Abu Dhabi Art Fair serves as the executive branch of such a concept, and as the fifteenth period is about to begin, it can already identify the measures necessary for accomplishing this goal.

Because the future is more important than the past and if you are curious and eager, you may be a part of that future, "maturity" is the key word when dealing with the Abu Dhabi Art Fair.