7 Artists are the jury of 8th Damonfar Painting Biennial/ Farah Ossouli is Chairman
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Damonfar Biennial | Farah Ossouli |Maryam Khansari

7 Artists are the jury of 8th Damonfar Painting Biennial/ Farah Ossouli is Chairman

The director of Damoonfar Biennale announced chairman of the jury and the jury members of Damoonfar national and artistic event.

ArtDayMe : Artists can register their information at Damonfar website till 25th Bahman . Maryam Khansari, director of the Damonfar Visual Arts Biennial's eighth edition announced chairman and the jury members.

Khansari said: we are pleased to announce Farah Ossouli famous Iranian painter as a chairman of the jury . 

She stated: according to choice Mrs ossouli ,we announced jury members and The final stage judge’s members. Mimi Amini, Iman Safaei, meghdad Lorpour and Aidin khankeshi pour are jury members. 

Bita Fayyazi and Mehrdad Mohebali have been invited for the judge’s members final stages.

Damonfar Biennial

The 8th Damonfar Biennial to Take Place in Tehran

Maryam Khansari, director of the Damonfar Visual Arts Biennial's eighth edition, explained the entry request and how the festival's current phase differs from previous ones.

After hosting its seventh edition in February of 2019, the Damonfar Visual Arts Biennial has called again after a few years of inactivity. Iranian painters who would like to take part in this national event can do so until February 14, 2024.

This year's director of the art event is Maryam Khansari, a well-known figure among artists and a key member of the organizing council since the Biennial's founding in 2006.

"In partnership with Ava Platt and with funding from the advertising firm Limit Lines, Damonfar Gallery is putting on the 8th Damonfar Visual Arts Biennial to showcase the nation's artistic landscape," Khansari said regarding the published call.

She added: "Similar to all earlier editions, there is no restriction on the subject matter or technique of the paintings, and the artists' ages cannot exceed 27. Seventy million Tomans are awarded as the first prize, thirty million as the second, and twenty million as the third."

She stated: "Those who are interested can register, fill out the participation form for the biennial, and upload their works to the website by visiting www.iranartfestival.com.

The 8th Gallery of the Ava Platt Complex, located on Movahed Danesh Street (Aghdasieh) in Tehran, will host the 8th Damonfar Visual Arts Biennial exhibition. The wrap-up and award ceremony will take place on Friday, May 17, 2024, at the same location.

In outlining the course's evaluation process, Khansari declared: "As with all previous courses, the initial round of judging will be conducted solely on the basis of the artwork's photographs. The original works serve as the basis for the second evaluation step, after which the chosen pieces move on to the exhibition area. The final step takes place during the show, when the chosen works are displayed and introduced on the last day."

Damonfar Biennial | Maryam Khansari


In cooperation with Ava Platt, the 8th Damonfar Visual Arts Biennial will be supported by LimitLines, Galleryinfo, Faber-Castell, Winsor & Newton, Pebeo, Quilo, Schneider, Alligator, and Graf von Faber-Castell.

Those who are interested can also access DamonfarGallery's Instagram page.