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  • ArtDayME: The Courtyard complex in Al Quoz area of Dubai is hosting two events these days: A dedicated space has been designed in the Total Arts Gallery where the works of 5 artists Shaqayeq Arabi, Hind Bin Demaithan, Carolina Cortesi, Rand Al Hadethi, and Dariush Zandi are presented in the form of installation, photos and performances. This exhibition is called "Dreamscape". Dreamscape is a sensory experience that seeks to bridge the intangible space between reality and dreams, waking…

  • ​Because of the particular conditions in Iran, Fereydoun Ave was more than just an artist; he also acted as a bridge that opened up new avenues to prior generations of Iranian art.

  • Iranian artist Fereydoun Ave will showcase collections of artworks in two different exhibitions in Dubai.