Marjan Shokri and The Butterfly Illumination Exhibition
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Marjan Shokri

Marjan Shokri and The Butterfly Illumination Exhibition

A new exhibition of paintings by an Iranian artist will open at Tehran's Ariana Art Gallery on Friday, December 8.

ArtDayMe : Marjan Shokri, whose paintings have been interpreted in a variety of ways, ranging from mystic to metaphysical to poetic, will be showcasing her most recent body of work.

The solo exhibition titled "The Butterfly Illumination" is scheduled to open on Friday evening at Tehran's Ariana Art Gallery. The pieces in this show are conceptual based and feature many visual moments.

Marjan Shokri

Born in 1982, Shokri began painting professionally in 2001. As of now, her paintings have been shown in over 20 group and solo shows both domestically and internationally.

Hadi Seif, the late art critic, expressed his opinion about Shokri's paintings twice in statements and characterized her as a painter whose works open the heart's eyes while maintaining her independence of thinking.

Marjan Shokri

Another well-known critic, Ahmadreza Dalvand, has said that Shokri's paintings go beyond simple abstract art, and a different theorist thinks that Shokri uses color to depict the spectator a universe beyond quantum physics.

However, one may argue that Shokri's works from the past 20 years are akin to Sema paintings. Those who ponder her works become participants in the peaceful, heartwarming process of revelation and intuition, akin to meeting a loved one.

Maybe this is best illustrated by the statement that was released just before the opening of "The Butterfly Illumination" exhibit.

The text of the statement is as follows:

Marjan Shokri

Everything in the world around us is circulating and praising existence

We are all part of this whole, bring us together

Anyone who understands will turn and turn

To reach the light and become one

Anyone who went against the rotation got away from himself and fell into darkness , I am also a free and spinning butterfly have immersed myself in the light.

Marjan Shokri

Marjan shokri’s artworks are displaying for the duration one week at Ariana Art Gallery .